The Niro website was dedicated and created as a tribute for the Italian singer and songwriter David Combusti. We all know how much important it is to be updated and keep track of the artists we love the most. That’s why we created this website for The Niro in the year 2005. This was started by a group of his fans who wanted to make a place for people like them who admire this artist so much. They became the founders of this website. Of course, their dedication and love for The Niro pushed this idea to fruition even if it was so sudden. They were young but it did not stop them from doing their best to make this happen. 


These three Italian fans kept this website going for years. Since this online platform was launched, there has been a continuous traffic here every day. Thousands of people from different countries visit the website just to be updated. At first, it didn’t work out for some foreign fans since the founders made the website in full Italian. However, after a year, they found a way to remedy this by getting a system that enables translations to several thousand languages. This improved the website better. Now, with the addition of the Forum page, more people willingly spend hours at this website’s forum page just so they can interact with other fans who also love The Niro.  


The Forum was very helpful for the fans in getting updates about their favorite artist. They are all able to hear news about David Combusti before it even hit the newsstands and they are immediately informed of his next activities. The fans who subscribe here has the information on where to buy tickets before they are gone whenever The Niro will hold a show.  


We, fans like you and admins of this website, hope that we would be able to create more content on this site that you can enjoy. We promise you that we will keep supporting him not and even in the future.