Great artists and musicians out there that some people don’t know

Have you ever heard of the Italian singer-songwriter David Combusti or most likely known as, The Niro? Well, there are so many great artists and musicians out there that some people don’t know about. For me, The Niro is someone that we have to know and see. 

 As someone who loved music and arts, I tend to be interested in a lot of songs, singers, and people who create music. I’m used to having music blaring in my living room and garage door in Michigan since I’ve always been in love with music ever since I was a kid. The genre has never been a barrier when it comes to my love for music. I am fond of any type of songs even though the language is different than mine. Most of the songs I love are in Italian and Latin so this makes me fond of artists from Italy and Spain. This is most especially when the singers themselves create and produce their own music. 

I always thought that it takes unbelievable talent to be able to create and produce great music to share with people. I feel love and adoration towards producers, songwriters, composers, and people like them who keep the music industry going. Specifically, David Combusti or The Niro is someone who inspires me a lot and gives me so much motivation in life. I’ve been a fan since the year 2010 and I still support him up until now. I even went to Italy in 2014 to see his live performance and to be honest, I am so glad I did! It has been one of the most memorable and the best thing that happened to me. Seeing the person you adore and idolize so much is great and I hope more people like me could feel that too. 

My visit to Italy in the year 2014 was not the last. I went to the same country about three times just to see The Niro’s great live performances. Not only that, I also went to other places he visited whenever he had gigs and shows. It’s been a great and fun experience for me to be a fan that avidly supports The Niro. It didn’t just give me spectacular memories as a person but it also helped me travel to different countries and places. In fact, because of these trips, I even managed to meet a lot of people. Following the scenes of The Niro helped me unwind and relax from my everyday workload. His music serves also as a great reprieve from the daily stress. To date, I am still actually hoping that The Niro would go to Michigan but it seemed like there was no chance yet in the foreseeable future. 


It has been seven years since I first saw him on the internet and listened to his songs but up until now, I still admire him a lot for the great music he creates and performs. He’s taking a break for now but I am waiting until he is able to finally entertain again. I could only wish that his comeback would be soon. Either way, I will still support him whatever his future plans are.