Althea D. 


I’ve always been a fan of The Niro since his debut album! He was really cool and I was really inspired by his music. Thankfully, there was a website like this that could update me anytime and anywhere. It has been so fun going to this site, reading news about the artist I really like and of course, to talk to people on this forum who I even made friends with. However, I wonder when will The Niro come back from his break and create new songs again? I already missed seeing him perform so I hope he’ll be able to come back soon. 


Kiana R. 


Althea, it was nice to see you’ve posted again! I feel the same. Actually, I miss seeing The Niro’s performances even if I only saw him live twice. But still, it was such a great experience and I never regretted going to different places just to watch him. I hope he’d make a comeback soon. 


Kyle T. 


Guys, I don’t know if it was true but I heard that The Niro will be having a gig next month in Italy. I wasn’t sure about it but I hope it was true. It would be great to see him perform again even just from a video. But it’ll be better if he will make new songs too! His songs inspired me to learn Italian and I hope he makes new great songs I could listen to soon. 


Althea D. 


Oh, I didn’t know about that news, Kyle though I hope it’s true. I want to watch him perform even if it’s from a video too. I hope he’ll create new songs as well so the three of us could watch him again. By the way, it was so cool of you to learn Italian just from being inspired by his songs! Keep it up, Kyle.